About Us

Mark working with youth on leadership

Mark speaking at NSW Art Gallery

The Yettica Group started in 2007 by Mark Yettica-Paulson.  It works in the area of Leadership Facilitation specialising in engagement and partnership with Indigenous Australia.

The work continues to operate in two main areas;

The first area is the development of Indigenous leadership for Indigenous Australians. In this area, the work is about skills development, working with culture and identity, understanding leadership concepts and developing confidence.

The second area involves working inter-culturally where Indigenous and other Australians are trying to work better together. In this area the work is about exercises in understanding our cultural heritages whether European, Asian, Pacific or Aboriginal. It is also about developing skills to improve collaboration and partnership for the cultures.

Throughout all the programs I am involved in there is also the inclusion of some kind of practical work to test the ideas and reflect on effectiveness.


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