Inter-cultural framework

The Inter-cultural Framework

The Inter-cultural Framework

The Inter-Cultural Framework was developed in 2010 as a tool to assist groups to better understand their intent and purpose when operating in different cultural spaces.

It has been adopted by Desert Knowledge Australia as a central pillar in the Inter-cultural leadership programs. It has been thoughtfully applied to a number of contexts as people have gained insight into the concepts fitting in their situations.

The Inter-Cultural Framework allows us to identify and discuss various spaces for cultural learning, sharing and development. It provides a frame to understand other cultures and what might be influencing them from their own history and current forms of expression. It also gives value to a number of activities involved in sharing, protecting and teaching culture.

There is no hierarchy in the spaces and no ultimate goal. All spaces are valued and necessary. Some are required more than others.

The Inter-Cultural Framework is used as a tool to promote dialogue and mutual understanding for groups.

Click here to see an outline of theĀ Inter-cultural Framework.

If you would like to learn more about it or find out how you can have your organisation, community group or business better understand cultural spaces, then please email me at:

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